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The Art of Letting Go – A practice for Autumn

It’s fall, and the time for letting go. A practice that we often leave to being unconscious (breathing in and out, losing of keys). And one that can feel difficult or even terrifying when we are confronted with a need to do it consciously. 

By practicing letting go, daily and with gentleness we can shift our interpretation of loss and move into feelings of releasing, openness, enthusiasm and even indifference!

So how to practice with ease and gentleness?

1. We start with the intention of ritualizing the practice of letting go. 

2. We decide on a time of day that feels to us like a natural transition time (I like dusk as a natural letting go of the day and welcoming the night time)

3. Select a box or basket that you feel warmth towards, and place it in a location that will cue your mind to think of it at your selected time. For example if you choose dusk, you might want to put it near a light switch. Or you might choose to put it near your door. But keep it away from closets, or basements – we are working on the energy of letting go, not storing. You will be most motivated to act on letting go objects/thoughts when you see the box so keep that in mind when setting up its location. 

4. Find a method that suits you. I like the idea of at my selected time of day: light a candle, or open a window, wander the house or your mind for things that are ready to let go. Take a moment to acknowledge each piece, and then place them in the box.  Notice how it feels upon releasing it. WALK AWAY. 

5. QUICK Tip: start easy. The intention is to practice letting go regularly throughout Autumn so that when you are confronted with something bigger you’ve had some practice. AND have a plan for where you will send your items (donate, garbage, burn *for thoughts you may have written down). 

6. Lastly, you may consider continuing the practice outside in your garden – raking leaves into a pile, pruning trees or shrubs, deadheading plants. Placing each fallen or cut branch in a place it will find value when composting, give thanks and notice how it feels to let it go. 

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