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The Supreme Aim

Refine a listening ear and voice of your own so clear it enacts with ease,
it rests with delight, it establishes boundary with precision.


Working Together

Through our work together you can anticipate:

  • Being respected for your personal path, outlook and direction
  • Having an opportunity to hone your own intuition and unique voice
  • Building tools to regulate emotions, through the support of nature therapy and mindfulness techniques
  • Defining what are your healthy boundaries and clarifying your personal limits
  • Developing tools to recognize your inner authority (how you make decisions),
  • Increasing your confidence and self-efficacy to meet life’s challenges and face uncertainty.
Alicia Bridge holds a MA in Environmental Education and Communication, is a candidate for a MA in Counselling, and holds a Diploma in Five Elements Acupressure and Practicum in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction


At times, we will work on a somatic level, to create space for the fullness of your life to be present, and at other times we will work more cognitively to sift through beliefs, while at others we will both lean on our intuitions.

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“As I moved through my early twenties into adulthood—exploring roles of partner, career person, and finally mother—I found myself unexpectedly drifting further away from the ‘real me.’ Disconnected from my sense of self and intuition, I was missing the mark on how to find a healthy balance between myself and the world around me. Working with Alicia Bridge through her Naturally Mindful teachings, in particular her beautifully crafted soundscapes and guided meditations, I was able to reconnect to myself through the environment, gently embracing what I had lost along the way. It has been truly a precious gift!”

“Alicia has a gift for guided meditation and nature-based therapy sessions. She has helped me prepare for and navigate life’s challenges by reminding me of our physical and mental connection to nature and how we are influenced by our natural environment. Alicia has an insightful, calming, and poetic voice that gives me solace and comfort. I look forward to our sessions as an escape back to nature’s fold.”
F. Dirom

“ It’s not easy to be at odds with oneself, and navigating change and uncertainty can be scary, having a person to hold nonjudgmental space for the long view of ourselves and a perceptive ear to hear our personal authority can make the process easier and more rewarding”