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Private Nature Therapy

The Supreme Aim

Refine a listening ear and voice of your own so clear it moves through change with ease,
it rests with delight & it establishes boundaries with precision.

Private Nature Therapy is a practice that heightens your ability to perceive and attune to your life, we work with inner conflict and bridging the gap between the life you feel moved to live and the life you feel bound to live. Our key areas of work are intuition, intrinsic motivation vs extrinsic motivation and inner authority.

BUT Why?

We are each gifted with inner motivation and an ability to perceive the world within us and around us. 

When working well together these become the root of our curiosity and the driving mechanism of our deepest acts of creativity, leaps of faith, and gestures of love. 

When disconnected from the full range of our senses (including our intuition) and inner motivation we become lost and disoriented, unable to make clear decisions, resolve conflict, set boundaries, take rest or make meaning. 


The approach is simple yet precise. Rooted in mindfulness and nature based therapy practices, I use inquiry (guiding questions) and reflective listening to allow the inner voice of the client to arise, to move through challenges and to face dissonance.

Part 1. Intake Interview: It is important to me to have an overarching sense of your direction. This is a 45 minute session that gathers key aspects you have perceived from your life thus far and an understanding of where your inner voice has shown up, and how it directs you.

Part 2. Private Nature Therapy: 50 minute sessions where we distill the voice of your inner motivation & intuition and separate it from the external voice of expectation, socialized norms and beliefs. We do this by approaching any area of challenge or conflict that is showing up in your life right now. Through this we glean what change you are seeking and how you are moved to make it. ( Depending on the depth of change we are facilitating, we can work for just one session, or ongoing). Book a Motivational Interview and 3 sessions for $100

Follow up Sessions: Additional sessions are $60 for 50 minutes.

Preliminary Package $100

Motivational Interview & 2 sessions

“ It’s not easy to be at odds with oneself, and navigating change and uncertainty can be scary, having a person to hold nonjudgmental space for the long view of ourselves and a perceptive ear to hear our personal authority can make the process easier and more rewarding”

Let’s work together.

It’s our time