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Nature Therapy Landscapes by Design



“Alicia’s involvement in our landscaping project resulted in deep connections both during the design process and afterwards. Our design went from feeling like “landscaping” to a living blueprint that reflected the scents, childhood memories and textures our family loves. Now that our garden is planted, I delight in knowing that we get to enjoy the fruits of her facilitation for years to come.”
Morgan H., Calgary

As an individual or organization you may be floating words around like sustainable, renewable, regenerative, resilient, all the while wondering how these systems fit into your landscape, or inner world. Or you may have a piece of land, a garden, even an indoor nook that you want to want to tap into and bring greater meaning and nurturing for your family, clients, or visitors.

WildPeace is here to facilitate a Nature Therapy Design that speaks to the unique way you find balance and restoration in the world. Our designs are focused on enhancing wellbeing and access to your creative and inner curiosity.

We work with landscape designers, restoration specialists, HR managers, and workshop designers, and build designs for:

  • Backyard & indoor gardeners,
  • Visitors to your Park, Campground, Nature Centre, Retreat Grounds
  • Your staff and HR resource kit
  • Your conference attendees

Providence Farm, Living Labyrinth

In the study of neuroscience and our environment, is noted that certain landscapes have the ability to induce calming effects on our brain and bodies. The effects of sound, light, sight, touch, smell, distance have all been studied, and it is from these that we will draw our answers to questions like, what species will we choose to plant, how will we manage sound and smell, and where will the benches be located.

Let’s work together.

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