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Naturally Mindful: Winter Session Feb 12th & 19th.

Two day Naturally Mindful
Sessions for $35
8:30-10:30 Feb 12 & 19th

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    Winter is a time of depth, trust, fear and patience. The season can be righteously challenging. And yet, when we broaden our awareness of what this season is asking of us, it can be an incredibly powerful time. One in which we get a chance to really understand the relationship between fear and trust, the ability to draw the energy inward and to cultivate precision in action. Without a framework or context for how to move with the season, we can feel exhaustion, withdrawn, scared or even apprehensive. When we attune to the season of winter, the energy and emotions can shift towards acceptance, creativity, generous and courageous, allowing us to clarify our inner direction and decisiveness.

    Naturally Mindful is a place to return to the natural rhythm with in you.

    We use simple practices drawing from Mindfulness and Nature Based Therapy.

    Our practices are for beginners and seasoned folk.