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5 Elements Acupressure

Support your body and spirit as it moves through the seasons

Understanding that we are an integral part of the natural world is at the core of Five Element acupressure. In Chinese medicine, the body is regarded as a microcosm of the universe. Just as there are daily and seasonal cycles in nature, there are cycles of change in the body.

Five Elements Acupressure seeks to discover the source of an individual’s imbalance at a spiritual, physical or emotional level. Clients who receive this work engage in a process of returning to their natural rhythms.

Working with seasons in nature and within your body you can begin to feel more at ease with change, taking rest and reflecting, planning, making steps towards your goals, nourishing our selves and experiencing joy.

Sessions are offered in person in Cowichan Bay, BC. $55-$75 Sliding Scale.

Consultations via zoom can be arranged for clients seeking to work with the emotional and spiritual aspects, and to provide at self-care practices. $60 per zoom

Email: connect@wildpeace.ca for more information

Call/Text: 250.858.2737

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